Waiting for the Rain - by Susan Giles

https://Voice.club - She stands, a lone woman in the night, waiting for the rain. In the air, a scent of lemon folds into the upcoming promise of ozone, leaving her breathless. The evening is crowded with chaos of cricket and cicada. The sky overhead is vacant as birds of the night - owl, hawk, and heron - have long since retired to their nests to await dawn.

In the distance, comes a low rumble of thunder threatening to intensify and break the wall of calm she has gathered around her. Behind this wall she waits,

In the past, such a night would send her hurrying to safety - the safety of a roof overhead, the safety of a lover’s arms. She has now discovered that the same roof which shelters her from storms also hides her from the comforting kiss of the sun and the cool brush of a fragrance-laden breeze. Life is compromise, and she is choosing to forego the safety of shelter for the life-giving warmth of sun, free from constraining arms. No lover needed. She has learned to love herself.

She raises her eyes to the night sky and sees not the expected storm clouds obscuring the stars, but a riot of color! Having been privy to Aurora Borealis in the past, she knows instantly this is a new phenomenon. Instead of an arch of color stretching upward, in this case the color swirls as if caught in a tornado, reminiscent of a child joyfully fingerpainting with every available color, slinging golds, lavenders, and a tumultuous array of blues across the heavens.

“Stars shall find me as I sleep.” The thought runs through her mind as the swirl of colors moves faster and faster, taking with it the clouds, the approaching rain, and her fears.

Starlight radiates through the display of colors creating overlapping auras and individual “starbows” throughout the heavens. Even in her dreams she has never witnessed such beauty.

The rain will come another night. For now, she is cleansed by the starlight and by the colors which enhance her world.

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What a gorgeous image, Susan. The swirls of colours richly enhance and reflect your story. Where did you locate this image?
Wow, another kaleidoscope of colours and senses. I am glad the lone woman does not feel alone but rather feels fulfilled by the surrounding natural beauty. I loved your imagery and strong words in “tumultuous array of blues” and “starlight radiates.” Superb emotional writing!

Wow! What a lovely imaginary colors your portrayed in my mind, Susan. This is my favorite thing to do every night, watching the sky full of stars. It feels so good.

Yes, stargazing is one of my favorite activities, also. It’s a shame that so many people in today’s world are unable to do this due to the amount of invasive, ambient light we now have.
Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.

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Thank you for reading and responding to my story. I found the image on UpSplash; it is a picture of mixing nail colors! I prefer to use my own photographs but had nothing even close to resembling the description in my story. I’m glad you appreciate my word choices; sometimes the words just come!
Thanks again for reading my story.