Carolina Moon - by Susan Giles - The moon is ambitious. She realizes this one evening as she glances across the sky at her sister, Sun. She doesn’t wish to shine like Sun; she is content with her muted silver even when, once every month or so, it is just a sliver of silver.

No, Moon desires to be a musician. Songs float through the air around her, tempting her with trills, harmonies, suspended chords resolving. These touch her to her dense, metallic core.

From the time she was a mere crescent, Moon has thrilled to the music coming to her from Earth below. Her absolute favorite song, of course, is “Moonlight Sonata”. How Beethoven captures her essence, her true spirit! The haunting strains of Debussy’s Clair de Lune are as mesmerizing now as the first time she heard it. Reggae never fails to instill joy, while jazz encompasses all the emotions seen in humans. Yes, music is close to her heart.

She sets out to become a musician.

Moon gives herself six months to attempt to achieve her ambition. Moon has collected words which to her ear are perfect for her music. “Lilting”! “Enthralling”! “Mellifluous”! These are the words which will establish her as a legendary musician.

She encircles the world listening, observing, learning from the music she hears.

Just south of Papua New Guinea in the Torres Strait Islands she sees and hears a group of men dancing to a moon dance called Gedge Togia.

An opera company in Slovakia is performing Dvorak’s “Song to the Moon” from The Royal Opera.

Natives from both South and North America are heard performing moon chants.

For decades Moon has been aware of Yogic Moon Salutations but now, it seems, all the world is honoring her in music and song. Little children go to sleep to “I See the Moon” while lovers everywhere crave for moments just to gaze at her.

Become a musician? There is no need when her fame is fully established.

Moon crosses the sky, content now with her place in the heavens. She hears wafting up from below:

“Carolina Moon, keep shining
Shining on the one who waits for me.”


Susan, your great opening line in, “The moon is ambitious.” really piqued my curiosity. I enjoyed the clever way you threaded music through your story. Your pronunciation of all those difficult names- was most impressive. I know that I would have had to look so many geographical names up for pronunciation! Thank you, for taking me on a whirlwind tour of the globe.
Just curious- is the photo one of yours. It really captures the mystery and magic of both the moon and your short fiction.

I love this story, Susan! Some of my favorite phrases are “sliver of silver” and “from the time she was a mere crescent”. And of course any story that includes Beethoven and Debussy and Dvorak is a winner in my book! I’ve never heard The Royal Opera - I’m looking forward to listening to “Song to the Moon”! Now I want to think of all the pieces of music that refer to moon. What fun.

Oh yes, and the picture - WOW! Is this one of your photos? It is gorgeous - hard to catch the moon with enough light to see it, but the tree framing makes it perfect. Congratulations on a great story, a great picture, and another great recording.

Margarida, the opening line just entered my mind one day and, wondering what I could do with it, I came up with this story. I will admit that I had to look up the pronunciation of the place names and the dance! And yes, the photo is one of mine; I loved the way it turned out and it seemed to fit the story perfectly.

Thanks for reading and commenting on my story.

Thanks for your positive comments! Yes, the picture is one I took on February 24 of this year when I was up with our sick dog, Dusty, at 5:00 a.m. There are some advantages to getting up before dawn!

I always close my eyes while listening to your voiceover, Susan. It is calming. There’s a rhythm to it that makes me feel relaxed. And oh. I love your story. Just the other day, I also took a picture of the moon while I was stargazing, but to be honest, your capture of the moon is better than mine. I love it. I always see the moon as the light that shines in someone’s darkest hour. Well done.

Susan, I love this love song to the moon! Your tone and deft references are just enthralling. Such a beautiful meditation. (Reminds me that soon the moon will be blocking the sun. Is this her solo?!)

Thank you, Lotchie, for your kind comments. I’m glad you hear my voice as calming; that encourages me to continue reading (I personally am not a fan of my own voice. Aren’t most of like that?)

Good point, Regina. Even top shining celebrities need a solo now and then! Generally being outshone by the sun, the moon is finally taking first place! it was thrilling for all of us to be able to be a part of this event.

Thank you for reading and enjoying my story.