Lonely - by Margarida Brei

https://Voice.club - John Denver’s “Perhaps Love” softly played as Jax alone entered his empty house. Unconsciously, he hummed John Denver’s lyrics, “Perhaps love is like the ocean full of conflict, full of pain. Like a fire when it’s cold outside…”

Standing in his kitchen, he stared listlessly, thinking how solitary his life was. How very devoid of love! Every work day was the monotonous same - rise at 7:00 am, work in a boring unsatisfying job, and return home to an empty house.

Jax erupted, “I’m lonely! I’m miserable! I have no one to share my baked beans on toast with. When I come home I have no one. There’s no one to keep me company. Life is one long empty nothing!”

He trudged upstairs, passing needle point hangings of idioms like “Home Sweet Home.” For Jax, they were sarcastic reminders that his Mum was dead and he was living alone in her house. Alone!

Friday night Jax fell asleep on the couch. Boom! A thunderous storm shook him awake. While the storm raged, Jax thought he heard a mournful whine. Dismissive, he switched the TV off. There it was again- the tiniest of whimpers. Jax curiously opened the front door to look out when a sopping blur dashed past him. There trembling in his kitchen was a pitiful terrier mix. Drenched and shivery!

Later, while Jax cuddled the dog lovingly in a warmed blanket, he whispered soothing words. Fearsome hammering shocked them. Jax opened the door to a frantic female pleading, “Have you seen my Viper? Short haired terrier…” Seeing her dog protectively held in the man’s arms, she burst into uncontrollable sobs.

Over hot tea, the female between tears and frantically twisting her ringless fingers thanked Jax. “Silly really calling her Viper. They are huge, powerful and noisy motorbikes. My precious is so teensy and terrified of noises. Viper ran off when it thundered. You were so kind to take her in. She is so comfortable in your arms. How can I ever thank you for saving her?”

Imploding with smiles, Jax answered, “Have dinner with me tomorrow, Miss Barlow!”

“Perhaps love is like the ocean full of conflict, full of pain. Like a fire when it’s cold outside…There’s no one to keep me company. Life is one long empty nothing!”

Those lines punched me on my face. How love is complicated like that but they said when you love then the conflict, and the pain is a package. So here I am embracing the package of love.

Your voice and deliverance of every emotions is perfect. I felt the emotion on each line as well as his loneliness. Well done, Margarida.

John Denver’s beautiful moving lyrics explore what love means to different people. Unfortunately, Jax feels the lack of company and love.
Thank you so much for your thorough feedback and sweet compliments, Lotchie. I’m not quite satisfied with my delivery, but realise I need lots more practice. Always a pleasure hearing from you!

Such a sad story of loneliness, Margarida but how wonderful that a storm, a dog and a surprise visitor leaves us with the hope of a happier life for Jax. I love the John Denver lyrics, he never disappoints. An emotional read with an uplifting ending that left me satisfied.

Linda, thank you so much for your in-depth feedback. So happy that you liked the way my story “Lonely” ended on the right note and mood for you.