Prim, Proper, Polite - by Margarida Brei - Auntie was the essence of correctness. Prim, proper, polite like a 19th century librarian surrounded by dusty old books.

An upright example of propriety, long retired and ageing gracefully, she still upheld her sense of proper decorum in a straight back never touching the settee cushions. The spinster spoke in a quiet refined voice and only when spoken to. She detested vulgarity, foul language and improper behaviour! Always modestly dressed. I felt if I was to peek into her wardrobe, I would only find muted colours.

Practicing a sensible lifestyle, she lived economically and paid her bills on time. I suspect she only ate porridge or plain toast with Chamomile tea served on inherited Royal Doulton for breakfast.

Everything was accomplished in a well-mannered correct fashion. I imagined her as a child behaving like a miniature adult. No, she would never have slammed a door, raised her voice or caused chaos!

Her only weakness was a fondness for her poodle Fiona. Diamanté collars, designer coats and luxuriant pet beds reflected her adoration. Never a harsh word, only pure devotion. Like her mistress, Fiona was reserved and always impeccably “dressed.”

Hair in a neat bun, wearing serviceable shoes, Auntie pruned her roses while Fiona played beside her.

Through the hedge, yelled a snappish gruff voice, “Keep that dog quiet! Bubble gum pink- what an awful colour for a dog collar! So tacky!”

Auntie was paralysed, pruning shears still posed. Upset that her precious poodle who had only made reserved snuffling sounds had been insulted! Lovingly, she picked her pup up uttering words of consolation and comfort to delete the harsh words. Cuddling her pet as though Fiona had been mortally insulted! Rocking Fiona back and forth, she examined the collar. In her opinion, it was a delicate pink, the colour of her favourite rose. It was not bubblegum pink or candyfloss pink or even tacky at all! It was in perfect good taste.

A week later, I stood open mouthed in front of Auntie’s cottage! Her whole house was painted shocking hot pink! Aunt had finally taken a stand!

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What a fun story, Margarida. You described Auntie and her poodle so well, I could picture them in the perfect little house, all decorum and propriety. Your detailed descriptions helped make the ending truly shocking, like the hot pink!

I love all the drama you added with your voice. Isn’t it fun to record these stories? Our voices add so much to the telling of the story. I especially love your voice, anglophile that I am. I always look forward to your next story!

One question - was the “red-letter day” the day the house was painted? Since pink is a derivative of red, it makes the story even more interesting and unique!

Julie, thank you for your exuberant praise. You truly have made my day and raised me from feeling sorry for myself for breaking my wrist. Silly me!
Your question is making me pause to think. The “red-letter day” would have been the day the Auntie painted the house hot pink. My last sentence really should have read something like, " Aunt had finally achieved her red-letter day."
Again, thanks for your insights.

Hello again, Margarida. I don’t think your last sentence should have been changed at all. It is perfect just as it is - an indirect reference to a red-letter day, but in hot pink! That’s part of the humor of it all!

I’m so sorry you broke your wrist - not a good thing for a writer to do! I hope it heals soon. I wonder how you’ve done so much recently with a broken wrist. You must be very resilient. Here’s to resilience and to overcoming all challenges!

What a humorous read, Margarida. I can picture out all your story clearly and your voice like Julie said, add so much drama to it. I love it. I love pink too. It symbolize love and passion.

Margarida, I gave a shout at that ending! Yes! What a jewel of a story. You so carefully craft Auntie’s reticent character and appearance–I see her so plainly!–then describe the incident with great dramatic effect. And then–boom! Such a satisfying ending. A wonderful story!

Regina, many praises for your rich accolades. So happy that you enjoyed my story. It was a fun fiction to write!

Lotchie, thank you as always for reading and commenting. Truly, pink is a wonderful colour representing love and charm! So happy you found my story funny!

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You’re most welcome, Margarida.