FlexFit-2024-Spring - Eat Smart stay Flexible and Fit

Hi Friends - Happy Spring 2024!

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Greetings Everyone - Hope you are all having a great kick off to a new spring season.

Below is a quick recap of the first FlexFit Zoom of spring 2024 which we had a couple of weeks back . I also added some relevant videos, and various interesting links regarding health.

2024.03.26- FlexFit - Zoom - Recap - MARCH 26

  • Deceptive Health Protein Drinks

  • Setbacks due to injury

  • Deceptive self talk, giving yourself a “treat” to feel better

  • The “only once is ok” downward spiral

Health Links -

What is Metabolic Syndrome?

Avoiding the “5 Poisonous Ps” plus “Faux-Fasting” :

Heart Benefits of Almonds:

Foods related to achy joints:

Best nuts to snack on:

Worst Empty Calorie Breakfast Foods:


Best Cheese for Heart Health:


Fermented Foods:


Health Videos - Deceptive “Health Shakes”, comparing taste, sugar, but maybe after workout.

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2024.04.09- FlexFit - Zoom - Recap - APRIL 9

  • In a strong week, how do we keep on that strong healthy path? When we feel strong is a great time to “prepare” healthy convenient snacks.

  • Stress Eating - Not being derailed by one negative or unhealthy choice. The ability to quickly bounce back, and get back on the healthy track.

  • Mindfulness - Forget about the mistake you made yesterday, or at breakfast, or at lunch. Instead focus on a healthy choice for dinner.

  • Percentage 60 / 20 / 20 Eating -

  • Overnight Oats - preparing yourself when time allows as breakfast or snack. In a quick fix, I recently found “Mush” ready to eat overnight oats at Target.

  • Addiction to unhealthy foods - How the mind and body interplay to help or hurt us.

  • Enjoy - special time family gatherings, events, without over indulging.

  • Community -

Health Links:

Health Videos:

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2024.04.16 - FlexFit - Zoom - Recap - APRIL 16

  • Setting a specific limit of “junk food” in a 24 hour period. Unrealistic that we would eat perfectly all the time, so instead set aside a tiny portion of junk for that day
  • Enjoying Family Gatherings or special occasions without the stress of food
  • Community Support - for me personally, I feel a strong support system to help you reach your goals is crucial.

Health Links:

Health Videos:

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2024.04.30 - FlexFit - Zoom - Recap - APRIL 30

  • Tracking Food - I found it very helpful when I finally started tracking my food intake.
  • Recovering from Medical Issues
  • Butter Buds - Easy Butter Substitute:

Health Links:

‘Surprisingly’ high number of adults in the U.S. at risk of heart syndrome:

Health Videos:

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2024.05.14 - FlexFit - Zoom - Recap - MAY 14

  • Strict diet tracking - vs - no diet tracking - When to track, and when not to track diet?
  • Diet Tracking - Maybe when you feel relapse or you are making bad food choices is a signal to track diet intake more diligently?
  • Diet Tracking - On a day with no tracking - some days not necessary or convenient to track, and that is fine :ok_hand:
  • Diet Tracking - Tracking Junk Food - maybe this is MOST important food to track :slight_smile:
  • Preventing Relapse
  • Aware / Steady / Healthy diet - vs - Unware / Unsteady / Unhealthy diet - back and forth constant diet swings causes stress on the body, and results in depleting energy
  • Staying - Aware / Steady / Healthy - results in more stable health, weight, mood, and energy
  • Book - “The Hunger Habit - Why we eat when we’re not hungry, and how to stop.” - Judson Brewer

Health Links:

Academic and doctor Chris van Tulleken: ‘Ultra-processed products are food that lies to us’

Health Videos:

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